Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Evaluation Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6

Evaluation Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6 Video and Slideshow

Evaluation part 4- In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our title sequence uses many codes and conventions from the Spy Genre. We displayed these codes and conventions through various locations, props, costumes, sound and cinematography.

We filmed at very conventional Locations in London, we filmed the expensive and high class landmarks which are also iconography found in other spy genre films like the James Bond franchise. We filmed Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and even the MI6 building, which shows the audience our narrative, and it also implies that this is a spy film.

The costumes we decided to use was mainly formal clothing except for the Agent X character as he was on the run and trying to blend in. We decided to choose formal clothing as it shows the British class and also looking at other spy films such as the James Bond franchises, they all wore formal clothes such as suits.

We used various props to show the audience the genre and these were very conventional props such as an Investigation wall, wanted pictures, newspaper articles and we even used a briefcase which is very iconic in spy films as it gives the mystery of secret files.

The soundtrack had to be a very typical action soundtrack, the type of soundtrack that is instantly recognised by the audience as an Action genre or even a Spy genre. My group and I found our soundtrack on YouTube and it was also copyright free, we felt this was a very iconic soundtrack and that it definitely displays codes and conventions of an Action/Spy film.

Evaluation part 5 - How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We represented many particular social groups in our title sequence.

Agent X the protagonist is a young adult aged character dressed in informal clothes, this brings the young adult social group to be interested in our movie as Agent X is a young adult character. He also has various props such as guns, which gives the representation of masculinity in the title sequence.

The antagonist Morgan Freeman is dressed in formal clothing with a shirt and tie along with formal shoes, this gives the representation of an upper class social group, someone more wealthy and high up in the hierarchy.  It also shows authority with those working for the government or the British intelligence. Michael Caine is also dressed formally with a suit and formal shoes. Both these characters are also fairly elderly characters which also represents old age and how the elderly social group are represented as well dressed with class.

Evaluation part 6 - How did you attract/address your target audience?

 I feel that we have reached our target audience of British males aged 18-29 years.

In planning we decided we needed young main actors to appeal our young target audience and we also planned that we need weapons as props and even a chase scene as the opening scene of the film to appeal the target audience.  We accomplished this target as we have some fairly young actors along with very big famous actors such Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, this means we have star power and that we attract even more viewers especially those in our target age range as well as those outside. We also have a chase scene in the opening scene, which our target audience usually appeal to. We also have gun props in the actual title sequence itself, which also appeals our target audience of British males.

Some quotes from our feedback sheets informed us what went well and how it may attract our target audience. One of the quotes was “Text was good” which informed us that our typography choice was enjoyed by some people, which are near the age of our target audience. We had “Good establishing shots” which helped us understand that the audience also enjoyed that.

Some people felt that “the time lapse goes on a bit too long” which told us that our audience may get bored if it’s too long. This shows that we can improve our title sequence by shortening some of the scenes as it may get boring if its long and not appeal our target audience.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Evaluation Part 2 and Part 3

Evaluation part 2- Who would be the audience for your product?

 The target audience for our film Agent X is British Males as our film is British and it features British iconography. The age range will be 18-29 Years as they are more likely to watch an action film in the cinema, and they are more likely to get involved on the hype around a new film and even use social media to promote it. My group and I researched into other films with a similar genre such as Bourne Identity. The Bourne Identity target audience were teenagers and young adults.

Evaluation part 3- What type of media institution would distribute your media product and why?

My group and I researched many distribution companies such as Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Eon Productions as well as Universal Studios. Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Eon Productions have created successful spy films such as the James Bond Franchise. Universal Studios distributed the Bourne Franchise and this film is also very similar to our genre and context in Agent X.  The Bourne series and James Bond series are both very successful spy genre films and also have a very similar target audience to our film Agent X. Famous worldwide distribution companies also distribute these two film franchises. We would benefit from their reputation and success in past films, which could lead to our film Agent X gain worldwide attention. Universal Studios will be an alternative distribution company to consider as they also distributed spy films but they are mainly American films whereas Agent X is a British film. My group and I decided to choose Eon Productions as our distribution company as well as our production company because this company is British.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Evaluation Part 1 - Brief

The brief my group and I were given was to create a title sequence with an opening scene that has copyright free sounds. We were given the choice to create any fictional plot for the title sequence along with any genre that my group and I wanted to choose. We decided to choose a Spy genre, which is a subgenre of Action. This meant that we must look at codes and conventions of the Spy/Action genre meaning our title sequence may feature guns and chase/fight scenes.

The start of the title sequence introduces the British iconography with the British flag and the houses of parliament. The beginning of the title sequence shows Agent X trading a top-secret briefcase about his case with his ex fellow agent. Throughout the title sequence we see Morgan Freeman the antagonist get frustrated as he fails to find Agent X. The opening scene is a short chase scene where Agent X gets found but does manage to escape.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Final Edit - Agent X Title Sequence Final


This is our final edit for our Agent X Title sequence and my group and I are very pleased with it. It has turned out exactly as how we planned with better developments as production went on and by having more research we were able to improve our title sequence for our target audience to enjoy. I feel that we don't need to improve this title sequence anymore, made we could've just added more establishing shots or London Landmarks but even then its only a slight improvement.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Journal 17 - Completing the Editing

Yesterday, James and I completed the Final Edit for our title sequence and I will soon upload it on YouTube and as a post on Blogger. James gave his views and opinions as well as advice on how I can improve the editing as its always great to have a second opinion. I have done the time lapse edit, slow motion edits and I have also added colour filters which I created myself along with a CCTV filter which was pre-made by Final Cut Pro X. Then last part was to add the Typography with the fonts we chose and then add the soundtrack for the Chase scene and Voiceover for the chase scene where i say "I found the target". Our teacher wanted us to re-film the desk shots but we explained to her that we tried and it looked very bad as the camera was shaky, she then said it will be fine to add a filter and to add slow motion and a black and white filter in the tear down scene. Thats why I decided to add dark filters and to slow the tear down scene to add a more dramatic effect.

I will now export the Title sequence and soon upload it on YouTube.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Journal 16 - Creating the Title for the Sequence

Today I created the title design on Photoshop and this will be used with various transitions to appear on the screen in an animated form. This will be done on Photoshop and then on Final Cut Pro X. See the images below of screenshots of when I was making the title.

I made the main logo first on photoshop, I then spilt them into three parts which will gradually transition on the screen.

After creating all this, I put the files into Final Cut Pro and editing in transitions and effects to make the title animated and appear on the screen gradually, the title video can be seen below.